Rhonda Wilansky

Dr. Rhonda Wilansky

Dr. Rhonda Wilansky has been a Family Doctor in Mississauga for 30 years. She resides in Toronto.

She was certified by the Berit Milah Board in 1991, having taken the first Mohel course given in Canada. Her “Claim to Fame” is that she is the first female Mohel(et) in Canada.

She is an active member of Holy Blossom Temple. She expanded her contribution to the Temple by also often reading Torah and Haftarah on Shabbat. She has performed Brit Milot in all parts of the GTA and beyond in the past 26 years.

She has gone to St John’s, Newfoundland on two occasions to perform Britot there. This was especially meaningful for her as she grew up in the Jewish community in St. John’s. Her great -grandfather was brought over from Eastern Europe in 1921 to be the Mohel and the Shoichet in the Jewish community in St. John’s.

She also does circumcisions weekly for non-Jewish babies in her Family Practice, as she receives many referrals in her Practice from colleagues and midwives for non-ritual circumcisions.

Contact Infomation

Email: rhonda.wilansky@gmail.com

Tel: 416-409-2535

Geographic Areas: Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville to Hamilton, Niagara, Thornhill to Barrie, Scarborough to Peterborough