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Tips for a Successful Virtual Bris

The COVID pandemic has changed the way we gather to celebrate, commemorate, and mourn. For parents who are welcoming a new baby boy into the covenant through the mitzvah of brit milah or milah l’shem gerut, the restrictions on social gathering have had a significant impact on how a bris can be celebrated. Fortunately, there […]

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Joint statement on brit milah in the context of COVID-19 restrictions

Ontario Liberal-minded Association of Mohalim, and Reform Rabbis of Greater Toronto Brit milah is a very important ritual which has been part of Jewish life for over 4,000 years. Brit milah is done on the eighth day of life, and involves a ceremony in which a circumcision is done and the baby receives his Hebrew […]

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Why a Brit Milah “Bris”?

It is generally assumed that Judaism adopted the practice of circumcision from neighbouring cultures; their reasons for performing the act remain to be studied.

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