Dr. Martin A. Koyle

Dr. Marty Koyle is a Pediatric Urologist at SickKids in Toronto. He has been in practice in the US and Canada for 3½ decades. His practice is somewhat unique as although he does perform newborn Brit Milah and related procedures, his concentration is on those children who require surgical correction of congenital penile problems or severe medical problems that contraindicate a Day 8 Brit, or for children where Brit Milah or Hatafat Dam Brit are being done for conversion purposes later in life. He also performs Hatafat Dam Brit in adult patients.

He has written extensively on circumcision and is the Co-Editor of a major textbook Surgical Guide to Circumcision. He also teaches in the NOAM course for Mohelim in training.

Contact Infomation

Email: martin.koyle@sickkids.ca

Tel: 416.813.6580

Geographic Areas: GTA and surrounding areas